Thursday, March 23, 2017


And so I am going through anxiety attacks lately... Been suffering really bad...

And times like this I am so grateful that my workplace is near home.  I can go home for lunch and hug my kids tight.  Good thing also that it's summer vacation for them.  My kids and I have a chance to connect even for  a few minutes at lunch time.  Just the smell of them pacifies me...

And I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful daughter who I can openly talk to about how I feel... Her innocence and wisdom at her young age (8 years old) is something else and can strike me bulls eye (in a pleasant way)... My bestfriend in the making... Just have to nurture the relationship...

O Lord God, thank you for the gift of family.  I surrender to you my challenges.  I cannot do it on my own.  Take over my mind, please.  Mama, pray for us and keep us under the mantle of your maternal protection.


Thursday, January 26, 2017


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And so Nates and I were watching Unang Hirit yesterday:

Kulit: Oh my, what happened to him (pointing to Arnold Clavio)?
Mommy: Why?
Kulit: I thought he is a puppet.

Hahahah serious face talaga si Kulit that's why I was really laughing hard.  He was so concerned and so convinced that they turned the puppet (Arn-Arn) into a human being.  That's what you get, Kulit, from watching too much Five Nights At Freddy's.  And yes, Kulit, Arnold Clavio is the show's inspiration for making the puppet Arn-Arn.



Thursday, June 30, 2016


From now on, my blog will be a repository of stories of gratefulness.  Yes, gratitude for all that I have.  And for not having those which I may want but may be harmful to me or to my family.

I have been through quite an "anxiety" attack for a year now (I guess).  It's like I'm trapped in the "fear" zone.  My mind seems to automatically traverse to the "worst case scenario".  I always feel like crying for reasons even myself can't seem to figure out.  It's so difficult.  Because I can't even explain it.  I don't know exactly where the anxiety is coming from.  I'm not really sure what help I need.  Most of all, my family, especially my relationship with my husband has been greatly affected.  I even thought of seeking professional help...

As I write this, I think I'm on the road to recovery.  Actually, I would like to claim that I am healed.  I still struggle though to fight the negative thoughts that ruin my perspective in life.  I guess the struggle will not end.  It's a conscious effort to dismiss negativity.  But right now, the struggle is manageable.  How?  Nothing but prayers.., fervent prayers... and self help and inspirational books.

Prayers day and night for the Holy Spirit to guide or even take over my thoughts.   I also reach out to Mama Mary for intercession.

I also came across this book:  Heart Detox by Bo Sanchez (How to remove the emotional poisons and negative thoughts that are destroying your life).  

Was very timely when I learned about this book.  And what really made an impact to me is the part where it mentions that we don't need to manage our feelings... we need to manage our focus.  Yes, always focus on the good in your life.  I remind myself about this everyday.  That's why now that I'm back to my blog, I want this to be one form of exercise to force myself to think of what's good about the day and what I am grateful for the day.  Yeah... one day at a time.

So for those who are also going through anxiety attacks, let us conquer and manage it through prayers, reading inspirational books, and by surrounding ourselves with people who truly love us.

Dear Jesus, 

Not by my work or might but through your grace alone.  I lift to you my mind.  May it focus on noble thoughts and truth only.  Help me to cling to you and never let me leave your side.


One of my favorite frames which is hung on my inspirational wall at home :)