Thursday, March 23, 2017


And so I am going through anxiety attacks lately... Been suffering really bad...

And times like this I am so grateful that my workplace is near home.  I can go home for lunch and hug my kids tight.  Good thing also that it's summer vacation for them.  My kids and I have a chance to connect even for  a few minutes at lunch time.  Just the smell of them pacifies me...

And I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful daughter who I can openly talk to about how I feel... Her innocence and wisdom at her young age (8 years old) is something else and can strike me bulls eye (in a pleasant way)... My bestfriend in the making... Just have to nurture the relationship...

O Lord God, thank you for the gift of family.  I surrender to you my challenges.  I cannot do it on my own.  Take over my mind, please.  Mama, pray for us and keep us under the mantle of your maternal protection.


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